Advance Solutions, int. is the developer of the acclaimed workforce management business intelligence tool PCMAuditor™ (Nash Analytics™) essential to perform financial analysis, develop clinical labor budgets, determine patient placement, churn and aggregation, and monitor workloads and acuity assignments.
The PCMAuditor™ is an organization-wide framework and a state of the art operational and business tool that:
  • Improves patient placement and aggregation, bed utilization and throughput
  • Design and validate care workloads (acuity assignments) and plans
  • Monitors unit seasonal activity
  • Prices staffing plans and projects spread labor budgets
  • Evaluates workforce financial performance and premium labor consumption
  • Setup top quartile schedule templates including staff head counts mixes
Managers use the PCMAuditor™ to easily design and review labor budgets, monitor staffing decisions, including cost, acuity indicators and productivity. The PCMAuditor™ insightful reports, including house-wide divisional reports, allow executives to get a convenient view of workloads, activity and financial performance

Nash Analytics™ are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – It does not collect any protected health information or patient identifiable data. additional information: www.nashgroup.com

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